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Is givesthtosb equal to givesbforsth?

Give followed by a double-object structure

how does fetch send gift cards

The correct one is: givesbsth or givesthtosb

Givesthforsb is the wrong match

There are two correct ones, givesthtosb, and givesbsth. There is no such thing as givesthforsb. For generally means for (up) “. This phrase means to give something to someone, not for someone to give something. So it cannot be used for.

Example: Givetiptotheservant. Tip the servant.

Mymothergiveabooktome. My mother gave me a book.

Mymothergiveaverynicepentomeasthegiftofmybirthdaylastmonth. Last month, my mother gave me a very beautiful pen for my birthday.

Igiveapentoyou. I’ll give you a pen.

Igavethegifttoyou. I’ll give you a gift.

Transitive verbs that can be followed by two objects at the same time are called double-object verbs. In a double object, an object refers to a person, which is called an indirect object; an object refers to an object, which is called a direct object. The indirect object is generally before the direct object, but it can also be located after it, but at this time, a preposition to or for needs to be added in front of it.

① When the direct object and the indirect object change positions, the verb to needs to be added, which means “object relationship”.

The preposition to focuses on the direction of the action, which means towards, towards, and towards someone. Common such verbs are:

bring give to hand pass to

post mail promise promise to read return return

show to… see sell sell teach send teach send

tell rent rent lend write to

such as:

BringmeyourMP4whenyoucome. =BringyourMP4tomewhenyoucome.

Bring me your MP4 when you come.

Willyoupleaseshowmetheway? =Willyoupleaseshowthewaytome?

Could you please show me the way?

② When the direct object and the indirect object change positions, the verb for needs to be added to emphasize the purpose of the action.

The preposition for focuses on the beneficiary of the action, expressing as someone, for someone. Common such verbs are:

buy buy choose to cook

draw find fetch take

make order to order; order paint painting

purchase save save spare draw

such as:

Herboyfriendboughtheraring. =Herboyfriendboughtaringforher.

Her boyfriend bought her a ring.

Imademysonabirthdaycard. =Imadeabirthdaycardformyson.

I made a birthday card for my son.

③ Verbs that can add both to and for.

Common such verbs are:

do bring bring get get

read read sing sing play performance

such as:

Couldyoudomeafavour? =Couldyoudoafavourfor/tome?

Could you please help me?

Maryreadusapoem. = Maryreadapoemto/forus. Mary read us a poem.

In terms of bring, bringmethebook can be replaced by: bringthebooktome and bringthebookforme.

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