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Is international gift card transactions legal?

International gift card transactions are legal, because gift card recycling transactions themselves are allowed, and the state will not prohibit the appearance of such transactions. Recycling gift cards has very positive significance and impact. As long as the gift card recycling transaction is carried out within the legal scope, it is safe.

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However, we should find a professional card and coupon recycling platform for recycling gift cards, such as the Beijing recycling platform. This platform is a regular gift card recycling platform and is the most qualified gift card recycling platform.

Whether it is a domestic gift card or a foreign gift card, it can be recycled. Gift card recycling has become a craze.

What kind of shopping card can be used nationwide?

With the increase of goods, many shopping companies produce shopping cards in order to make it more convenient for people to shop. But most shopping cards have limitations and can only be purchased in specific shopping malls, and it is more troublesome to recharge. Among many shopping cards, the UnionPay shopping card should be the most popular shopping card by people at present. Because the UnionPay shopping card supports national universal use, cardholders can use the card to spend at most UnionPay pos machines nationwide, which well solves the single consumption range of traditional shopping cards, meets the more diverse needs and services of cardholders, and truly realizes the desire of “one card in hand, universal nationwide”.

The dual-currency UnionPay card in the UnionPay shopping card is a shopping card with more complete functions. The UnionPay International dual-currency UnionPay card is a shopping card that supports US dollars and RMB. It can be used online and offline, and the face value is flexible.

The scope of use of Xi’an Zhongda International Shopping Card?

The scope of use of Zhongda International Shopping Card is as follows:

The shopping card of Zhongda International can be purchased in the company’s shopping mall or online mall. The specific product types and prices will vary. The following is the general situation:

1. You can buy light luxury bags or clothing, such as MCM and other brands, in the mall or online mall of Zhongda International.

2. You can buy electronic products, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc., in the mall or online mall of Zhongda International.

In short, using the shopping card of Zhongda International, you can buy the goods you need in the company’s mall or online mall.

How to return the shopping card after receiving it?

The shopping card can be directly returned or transferred to other people in need.

Extended Knowledge:

Shopping Card, English: ShoppingCard, this card is a multi-functional consumption card that integrates catering, shopping and entertainment, and is a kind of voucher. (Now generally sent to customers or used as employee benefits), this card has a face value of 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 300 yuan, 500 yuan, and 1,000 yuan. Generally, some large shopping malls and supermarkets have their own shopping cards (some are also called VIP membership cards, VIP cards, and points cards) for sale.

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