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Is it okay to mail beef jerky to Korea?

Snacks can be brought, less dried fish, less braised eggs, and more mustard is really necessary

how to send korean beef gifts to korea

Others are no problem, just check them all in. If you want to bring ham sausage, lunch meat, and beef jerky, it depends on luck, and you can’t check them completely. And Lao Ganma can bring two bottles.

Although Lao Ganma sells some, there are few types and expensive. You can also bring some flavors you like, such as Laotan sauerkraut, and if you like to eat hot pot, you can bring more hot pot base, especially spicy pot.

As well as melon seeds, spicy strips, crispy peanuts, kidney beans, fermented bean curd and plum plum and other plum snacks can also be brought. Personally, I think these are all favorite foods for everyone.

Do not bring except fresh fruits and captured meat.

I want to send something to Korea. Can I send some meat products?

If you send something to Korea, it is divided into air freight and shipping. Some courier companies will be cheaper: air freight starts at 120 yuan per kilogram, and the upper limit is 20 yuan per kilogram. Shipping starts at 80 yuan per kilogram, and the upper limit is 20 kilograms. Now fresh fruits and plant seeds, soil, special medicines, dangerous goods and other items are prohibited. Like the meat products you mentioned, canned lunch meat and the like contain a small amount of liquid, so it will not be shipped to you 100%. You can check it when you fly to Korea by yourself. Especially for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, mailing and courier companies across the country are not allowed to accept orders with any liquid. Sausages and the like can be transported, preferably by sea. Although the speed is slow, there are fewer restrictions than air freight. So I’d better ship some sausages, preferably the one with vacuum plastic seal, which is hygienic and has a long shelf life.

Can I bring home-made soy sauce beef on the plane to Korea?

Beef jerky is no problem, I have to bring beef jerky every time, which is the small grain in the supermarket. I have also brought vacuum small packages of marinated beef and Moon Seongzhai soy sauce beef, both of which are fine. I have also brought ham sausage. Recently, the tenderloin meat brought by a colleague was confiscated by Korean customs. The reason is that the luggage was found to have problems and locked when checked in China, and then when it went to South Korea for customs clearance, it was asked to open the box for inspection, and the tenderloin and several bags of instant noodles were confiscated. If it is not marked, no one will care when entering customs. In fact, it may not be locked because of the meat problem. Maybe something else was suspicious when viewed through X-ray, but they didn’t find the problem when they opened the box, so they talked about the meat. I have been to Korea 4 or 5 times, and I have no problems once.

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