Holiday gifts

Talk about mailing something to my son?

Regarding this issue, dear son,

sending a gift letter

I hope you are all well. I just mailed some things to you, hoping they can bring you some joy and warmth.

First of all, I put a letter in my package. This letter is filled with my love and thoughts for you. I know we are far apart, but I hope this letter can make you feel my care and support for you. I will always support your dreams and decisions wherever you are.

Secondly, I also prepared some of your favorite snacks and sweets for you. I know you have a sweet tooth, so I made a point of choosing some of your favorite brands and flavors. Hopefully they can bring you some little sweetness in your busy life.

Also, I have put a book you have always wanted in the package. I know you are very interested in that field, so I found an up-to-date book on this topic. Hopefully it will bring you more knowledge and inspiration to take you to the next level on your path of learning and growth.

Finally, I have also attached a photo of our whole family. Whenever you see this photo, you can feel the warmth and unity of our whole family no matter where you are. We miss you so much and hope you can come back soon to be reunited with us.

Dear son, no matter where you are, remember that we will always support you behind you. I hope these small gifts can bring you some happiness and comfort. Please take good care of yourself and stay healthy and happy.


After the breakup, I want to give her a gift. I want to write a letter in it. How should I write the letter? I love her very much, try to…

. Wind chimes

If you are a boy and a girl gives you wind chimes

that means… breaking up.

In fact, wind chimes also have the meaning of missing and missing.

But it’s best not to give away wind chimes casually.

It doesn’t make sense after all,

You can buy it for yourself

Hanging in a ventilated room has a melancholy happiness and sentimentality

Detailed steps to send the letter to EXO-Wu Shixun?

1. First of all, you must know the address of the company

2. The content of the letter and the cover of the letter should be written in Korean. If you write in Chinese, it is generally not in the hands of the broker, and it will not be delivered to Wu Shixun.

3. The content of the letter needs something healthy, or written words of encouragement, which may be delivered to him. The general broker will read the letter first and feel that it is OK before giving it to the members.

4. Pay attention to the freight between Korea and China. The countries are different, and the procedures need to be completed.

5. Finally, I hope your letter can be delivered to Wu Shixun safely. He should be very happy.

6. If he comes to China for promotion, you can give him the letter with a gift, which is also a good idea.

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