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The benefits of giving gifts to employees on their birthdays?

There are the following points:

companies that send birthday gifts

1. The company has a corporate culture, and the corporate culture is mostly based on humanistic care. On employees’ birthdays, giving gifts fully develops the meaning of care;

2. The value of gifts is geometric, and there is no need to care. The key point is that it can fill the satisfaction of employees on their birthdays. It is a psychological comfort to see that even if there are no friends or family members with me, the company’s parents will remember my birthday.

3. Grasping the hearts of employees from the human aspect can further encourage employees to continue serving the company, which can reduce the attrition rate of employees and avoid manual losses.

What is good for a company to send birthday gifts?

All companies hold union activities on time, and I firmly believe that the headache for each company is that they do not know which gifts to distribute. First, consider the cost of purchasing gifts, and second, consider whether the gifts distributed are satisfactory to employees. The following items are often used as gifts.

1. Cups

Choosing gifts such as thermal insulation water cups and cups is the most specific and most warmly welcomed by employees. Whether it is a hot summer or a cold winter, the most necessary thing for the body is to fill the water. It is very busy in normal work. After drinking a glass of warm water in the heart, of course, the mind and body are smooth, and the cost of cups and thermal insulation water cups is not high, which is especially suitable for enterprises to distribute as gifts for guild activities.

Second, daily necessities

Daily necessities are very suitable for distribution to employees. There are many types of daily necessities, such as handkerchief paper, soap, detergent, and body wash. Daily necessities are highly practical, and enterprises purchase in large quantities with low cost. Employees are very good at accepting such gifts.

Third, mattresses

Whether it is a summer quilt or a cashmere velvet quilt in autumn and winter, they are all indispensable items in the daily life of employees. A simple and soft mattress can give employees a warmer and more comfortable experience.

Although it is to choose gifts for guild activities, it is necessary to choose ones that cater to everyone and are better to use, so that employees can be more proactive in their work.

What birthday gifts should the company give employees?

When the company gives birthday gifts to employees, it can consider the needs and preferences of employees, such as sending customized gift cards, shopping coupons, fitness equipment, travel coupons, etc. In addition, you can also consider sending some meaningful books, DVDs of music or movies, as well as some health products or massagers, so that employees can feel the care and warmth of the company.

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