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Top 10 taboos on visiting relatives in Australia?

I have only summarized nine.

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Due to geographical barriers, each country has its own unique customs and untouchable cultural taboos. If you want to integrate into an unfamiliar environment, you must be well prepared in the early stage.

Australian taboos

1. Time concept

Australians have a strong sense of time. It is best to negotiate in advance and show up on time when inviting locals. Be punctual!

2. Tipping

Unlike in Europe and the United States, most restaurants in Australia do not have the habit of tipping. You just need to be nice to the waiters, which can save you a lot of money. But if you go to a high-end restaurant or need extra service, it is another matter.

3. Buy something

In Australia, whether it is a large mall, supermarket or a small store or market, there is no habit of bargaining. When buying something, you can ask the store if there is a discount, but don’t bargain.

4. Animals

In Australia, animal cruelty is illegal. Australians love small animals very much. Although there are many animals in Australia, there will be animal injuries from time to time, but everyone still does not change their original intention. If you drive away birds at will, you will be besieged! In addition, there are many wild animals in Australia. Don’t approach them at will, especially wild kangaroos. Please stay away from them when you see them. You must know that they are no less than the world boxing champion!

5. Take pictures

In Australia, you can enjoy bikini beautiful women and muscular men on the beach to your heart’s content. This is definitely a beautiful scenery! However, please don’t take pictures at will while satisfying your eyes.

6. Say hello

In Australia, when meeting or greeting for the first time, it is the most appropriate way to choose a handshake. Don’t be influenced by American dramas, all kinds of hugs, kisses, etc., which are not seen in Australia! Even if you are familiar with each other, don’t step on thunder.

7. Taboo Day

Under the impression of Christians, Australians, like Westerners, think “13” and “Friday” are very unlucky, so try to avoid or mention these numbers less. Christians in Australia are very religious, and their Sunday is a weekend, so please don’t invite Christians to an appointment or a trip on this day. The other party will be very angry and think you are very disrespectful to him.

8. Fare evasion

No one checks the ticket at the station in Australia, and everything depends on personal consciousness. However, do not evade the ticket, the consequences of fare evasion are absolutely unbearable for you. Australia stipulates that once the fare evader is caught, he will be fined dozens of times, and the visa will be cancelled, and he will not be allowed to apply for any kind of Australian visa for life!

9. Voice

In Australia, it is best to keep quiet in public places and try not to make noise. Behaviors such as calling on the bus or playing with friends are very rude and seriously affect other people. Calling people downstairs or through the door is also very rude and gaffe! Australians consider such people uneducated and unworthy of friendship.

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