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What are the small gifts in the factory?

There are many kinds of small gifts in the factory, which are usually made based on the products of the factory. For example, factories that produce toys can distribute small toys, factories that produce furniture can distribute small furniture accessories, factories that produce food can distribute small food samples, etc.

food items to send as gifts

In addition, some creative factories will also issue customized small gifts, such as stationery, accessories, keychains, etc. printed with the factory name or corporate culture elements, which can strengthen employees’ sense of belonging and identity to the company. In short, although small gifts are not large, they can make employees feel the care and attention of the company and enhance their sense of cohesion and identity.

How do I send Moments when I receive delicious food from my sister?

The following are some topics for sending Moments:

1. Thank you for the delicious food sent by my sister, so that I can taste the taste of my hometown at home.

2. The small snacks sent this time are so delicious, I can’t help but eat several bags in one go!

3. Sister is really caring, she will send me delicious food every time, which makes me feel incomparably warm and happy.

4. Many people say that good food is the best emotional bond. So, this time the food sent by my sister is the emotional bond between me and my sister!

5. Thank you sister, because of your delivery, I can better understand and experience different regional cultures and flavors.

6. Do you know, I directly shared the recipe with my friends for this dish sent by my sister, and they were all defeated by me!

7. For my “delicious gift”, I have nothing to say except to thank my sister. Oh no, there is only one sentence – it is simply delicious!

How do you send Moments for children to send food?

Hello, 1. Take a picture of the food your child sent with a thank you, such as: “Thank you my baby for such a delicious snack!”

2. Take a picture of the child with the food, accompanied by a compliment, such as: “My little angel’s cake is delicious, it’s amazing!”

3. Take a picture of the child with the gift-receiving friend, accompanied by a thank you, such as: “Thank you my good friend for making my child feel warm and friendly.”

4. Use a cute emoji or sticker, accompanied by a thank you child, such as: “The little snacks sent by the child make me love and move, thank you, my little baby!”

5. Take a photo of the child and the food, accompanied by a thank you child and words of encouragement, such as: “The child’s cooking skills are getting better and better, I believe you can definitely become a chef in the future! Thank you for bringing me such delicious food!”

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