Holiday gifts

What do you like to give Beren?

Recommended gifts from Beren

sending rum as a gift


Like [Main Meal, Vodka, Rum]

Skill Tree

Like [Epee Skill Tree]

Other Types

Like [Snow Dragon Fish, Chinese Sturgeon and other ornamental fish]

These are basically the gifts that Beren likes to give. If there is other content, we will add it as soon as possible

What is the wine heart?

Wine heart refers to a liquid or soft filling filled in the center part of a candy or chocolate product, usually containing alcohol. This food is commonly used as a gift or hospitality gift in various large-scale festivals and celebrations, and is widely loved by people. The main characteristics of wine heart are rich taste, sweet and delicious, and a certain lubrication. Different types of wine heart will use different alcohol ingredients, such as brandy, whiskey, etc., to meet the taste needs of consumers. In short, wine heart is a special kind of soft-hearted chocolate or candy, which is widely sought after by consumers due to its unique taste and quality.

What are the specialties of Peru?

The secret specialty is potatoes. The best potato in Peru is yellow potatoes. The locals call it “Huayilo”, which means egg yolk. Don’t look at yellow potatoes. They are ugly in appearance, like ginger and uneven, but they have excellent taste and are very high in nutrients. They are almost the “national dish” of Peru. In addition to eating themselves, Peru also exports frozen or cooked yellow potatoes to all over the world.

What are the specialties of Cuba?

Cuba’s specialties are: 1. Cane sugar, Cuba is famous for the production of cane sugar in the world, located between 20 degrees north latitude and the Tropic of Cancer, most of which have a tropical rainforest climate, which is very suitable for the growth of cane sugar;

2. Cigars, Cuban cigars are air-dried, fermented, and aged pure natural tobacco products made from the original tobacco leaves. The ultimate flavor of Cuban cigars is made by special craftsmanship;

3. Rum, Cuban rum, is carefully brewed by Cubans for many years, giving it a unique and unparalleled taste;

4. Coffee, Cuban coffee, because of its fertile land and humid climate It can be called a natural treasure for coffee cultivation, and the coffee produced is also world-class.

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