Holiday gifts

What does it mean to secretly send a rose?

It is always said that red roses represent warm love, white roses represent purity, and yellow roses represent cherished blessings

rose bushes to send as gifts

In fact, different colors of roses have different meanings in the hearts of different people.

The most important thing is the intention of the person who sent the rose!

No matter what color of rose or how many flowers,

From the expression and eyes, express your heart seriously and reflect your cherishing

Well communicated to the other party, it is the best that the other party thinks~

How to find a market for rose planting?

Now planting roses sells well. Cultivation Techniques 1 Selection of planting lots and varieties Choose sandy soil with deep soil layer, loose soil structure, low groundwater level, good drainage, and rich organic matter, and avoid choosing in sticky heavy soil or low-lying stagnant water. There are many varieties of roses. According to different garden purposes, different varieties of strong seedlings are selected. For rose gardens with the purpose of producing flower buds, plentiful roses, double-petaled roses or purple-branched roses can be selected. The sprouting seedlings should have 2-3 branches, and the root system of the grafted seedlings should be developed. Plant height is more than 30 coffee. 2 Planting time and method The planting of roses can be done all year round. The root system should be kept moist during the growing season and cold-proof in winter. However, it is appropriate to plant roses after falling leaves in autumn to before germination in spring. The best planting period is after falling leaves in autumn to before freezing. In order to make the plants grow and expand the flower clusters as soon as possible, it is necessary to plant large holes. The holes are 1m long and wide, 0.6-0.8m deep, or the digging depth and width are 0.6-0.8m. The planting ditch of the plant is applied with organic fertilizer n) 18 and superphosphate 0.5bS, mixed with the soil and concentrated in the soil depth of 0.2-0.5m. After planting, it is solid and watered in time. 3 Soil, fertilizer and water management 3.1 Soil cultivation at the rhizosphere. 80% of the rose root system is a horizontal root. After the rose leaves fall or in early spring, the thickness of the soil at the base of the rose is generally 4-8 shirts. This thickens the soil layer of the flower cluster and promotes the growth of the root system. It also increases the soil humus after the fallen leaves and weeds are buried in the human soil and rot. At the same time, the diseased leaves are buried in the human soil, which also reduces the spread of pathogens. 3.2 Deep soil modification starts 2-3 years after the rose is planted, and can be carried out in years. The time is before the rose leaves fall, after thawing in spring to before germination or after harvesting. Combined fertilization is carried out. Mainly adopt the method of digging trenches and deep turning, from the outer edge of the rose bush belt, the trench depth is 40-50 coffee, and the width is 50-printed shirt. When deep turning, pay attention to getting through the original planting trench, leaving no partition wall, and try to avoid hurting the big roots of the plants.

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