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What does it mean to send purple sand orchids to Qixi Festival?

Orchids are one of the top ten famous flowers in China and also famous flowers in the world. It is a flower famous for its fragrance, with the characteristics of elegance and elegance. Celebrities from ancient and modern times have highly praised it, and it has been praised as a gentleman among flowers. Among ancient literati, the beauty of poetry and prose was often referred to as “orchid”, the truth of friendship as “orchid”, and good friends as “orchids”.

orchids to send as a gift

When officials of the Han Dynasty entered the dynasty, they must “hold orchids with fragrance”. People often wear the green leaves, purple stems, plain branches, and clean flowers of orchids to show auspiciousness. People who love each other often use orchids as a token, which means “golden orchids are born and die in the same tomb”. Now, people use orchids to symbolize family harmony and all the best; orchids in vases symbolize harmony. People also give orchids as gifts to symbolize the longevity of righteousness. Birthday wishes to the elderly and elders and orchids to teachers to express their admiration for their high moral standing and wish them health and longevity. Phalaenopsis is often used as a flower for Valentine’s Day and weddings.

Orchids are often used as gift flowers all over the world. Some countries send one or two precious orchids to VIPs to show welcome and respect. Phalaenopsis is often used as a bride’s bouquet in many countries and regions to wish the newlyweds an marriage. The French use orchids to symbolize friendship; Poles use orchids to symbolize beautiful passion; Turks use orchids to symbolize pride and confidence.

Phalaenopsis with white flowers and red lips has the meaning of “being at odds with each other”, and it is advisable to be careful when giving it to others. Yellow Oncidium has the nickname of dancing orchid and dancing girl. Its flower language is “reluctant to go home”, which means forgetting troubles.

Is it good to give orchids for your birthday?

Orchids have a very beautiful flower language: indifferent, elegant, beautiful, noble, virtuous. It can be used as a birthday gift.

However, there are many kinds of orchids, the most common are gladiolus and Phalaenopsis.

Gladiolus (mostly used as cut flowers) represents elegance and health; Phalaenopsis (mostly potted plants) represents the gradual arrival of happiness; Violet (can be used with flowers) represents sustainable beauty; freesia represents innocence and innocence;

Can others give potted orchids when they get married?


It can be given to the bride as a wedding gift, and it can be given to the bride as a bridal bouquet or corsage. Orchids are especially beautiful as decorations. The representative flower language: Mandarin ducks are woven and want to fly together. On the day of the big day, I wish you all the best. Orchids can be matched with roses and roses.

Wedding gifts, in addition to flowers, you can also send some handmade immortal flowers, which can be stored for a long time and give eternal blessings to the married couple. Wedding flowers choose the best of sweet happiness and warmth.

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