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What gift is good for colleagues in the company?

At work, it is natural to become close friends with colleagues. We have fought side by side and overcome difficulties together. Facing difficulties together, sharing joy together, and close cooperation have long become tacit understanding. So, what gift is good for colleagues? Exquisite and practical should be the most important considerations, because gifts that are too large and heavy are too exaggerated and bulky, not suitable for office occasions. Therefore, gifts for colleagues must be practical. Some office supplies or other small gifts that are conducive to the office can be used. For example, Siyang Fangzun, water cup, pen holder, ashtray set, tea set, cloud brocade, kite, fan, batik; silk people; Tujia brocade, etc.

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Siyang Fangzun: It belongs to ritual vessels and sacrificial articles. Due to the incredible level reached by this masterpiece, it is considered to be the pinnacle of traditional mud casting and one of the most outstanding works in the history of Chinese bronze casting. Sheep symbolized auspiciousness in ancient times, because sheep’s status in sacrificial etiquette is second only to that of cattle, and it is kind and courteous, soft on the outside and strong on the inside. The habit of “kneeling milk” of sheep is regarded as kind and courteous, and even interpreted by later generations as a model of filial piety to parents; the outer softness and inner rigidity have also been extended to many sacred temperaments. Siyang Fangzun shows the supreme atmosphere in wine ritual vessels with the relative shape of four sheep and four dragons.

Water Cup Pen Holder Ashtray Set: This set of gifts is a typical office and practical type, suitable for both office and home, in addition to practical value, there is also a higher ornamental value and handicraft value, sending colleagues is both moderate and noble, why not?

Cloisonne is a unique handicraft combined with porcelain and copper. During the Jingtai period of the Ming Dynasty, it was named Cloisonne because blue was often used at that time. Cloisonne is made of red copper to make various shapes, and then pinched into various flowers with gold or copper wire, which is refined by more than ten processes such as filigree, welding, dot blue, burning blue, polishing, and gold plating. The shape is unique, the production is exquisite, the color is rich, the gold is brilliant, and it has distinct national characteristics. It is a traditional export handicraft of our country. It has a history of more than 600 years and integrates history, culture, art and unique traditional crafts. For example, various cloisonne handicrafts such as Yufu bottle and big winter melon all show the beauty and luxury.

“If you have eyes but don’t know gold inlaid jade” is a saying widely circulated in our country. People often use it as a metaphor for shallow knowledge and lack of the ability to identify things. In reality, “gold inlaid jade” is a special process of gold and jade processing. As the name suggests, all kinds of beautiful jade are inlaid on gold utensils. This special gold and jade inlay process is unique to our country. Gold and jade symbolize nobility and purity, and gold inlaid jade symbolizes “golden and jade good relationship”. The tea sets, coffee sets, vases and cups and cans of the gold inlaid jade series can be called noble and auspicious gifts, and their otherworldly momentum must be the best among gifts.

Screen: The so-called “screen its wind” is a kind of furniture used to shield the wind inside ancient buildings. It is generally displayed in a prominent position in the interior, playing the role of separation, beautification, wind protection, coordination, etc. It and classical furniture complement each other, complement each other, and integrate seamlessly, becoming an inseparable whole of home decoration, presenting a harmonious beauty and tranquil beauty. In the Qin Dynasty, it became “Di” and “Iridium”, and it was also a symbol of the status and power of the emperor. By the 12th century, it had extended into a popular ornament in China and Japan. It also produced many varieties of different shapes, sizes, unique styles, and rich themes.

Confucius was the greatest politician, thinker, educator, and founder of Confucianism in ancient China. He was the most famous literary celebrity in the world and was respected as “the most holy” and was admired by the world. The unique process of glass relief is to carve various patterns on multi-layer colored glass. On the artificially blown colored glassware, hand-carved sand carving and other processes are used to create colorful and three-dimensional relief glass handicrafts. It is unique and priceless. With the changes of the times, this unique relief glass art has gradually been lost. Whether it is gift-giving or self-use, it shows elegant cultural temperament and taste, and is very ornamental and has considerable craft collection value.

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