Birthday gifts

What gifts do you give for the first anniversary of a couple’s love?

Don’t be too ingenious, really.

send zara gift card

I have received chocolates in rose boxes, lipstick gift boxes (Givenchy Dior has them, all of which are death colors that I can’t use), cosmetics, mask packs (very expensive Japanese cosmeceutical masks), whole boxes of roses (real flowers), oversized 1.8-meter teddy bears, various types of snack boxes, custom ear clips (I don’t have ear piercings), custom Coke and other fairy gifts.

I really bite my teeth and say I like it…

I will give you a few tips for the first anniversary gift~

1. A little more expensive

2. Can stay by your side for a long time and use

3. Have long-term storage value

4. Avoid giving gift minefields, don’t give high imitations, counterfeits and inappropriate things…

Below are recommended and not recommended…

1. If you want to send lipstick, cosmetics, and masks, you must find out your girlfriend’s preferences. If you are not sure, you can send them. You can see her common lipstick brands, and then buy her a set box. This budget is about 2k. She will be very happy. The color numbers she doesn’t use should be sold with salted fish. But if this is the case, it is more recommended that you transfer 1314 to her in the early morning and prepare a romantic birthday candlelight dinner plus a delicious and exquisite eight-inch cake. Buy a few more condoms, you can, you can.

2. Giving bags is also a great choice. You can choose donuts or Arctic fox school bags, but remember to buy a couple’s model~ The price of two bags must be around 1.5k. You can also send her a small CK. There are many trending recommendations online, and there are many purchasing agents. If you want to buy her a small CK, don’t buy it according to your aesthetic, be sure to buy the one from Amway online. But the styles of small CK are great, and they basically don’t step on thunder.

Rub a few styles for you, less than 1k, cost-effective and good-looking.

If you are a girl, you should have seen Amway from Xiaohongshu.

Look for rabbit ears, tassels, girl love peach hearts and other elements,

Your sister is the cutest cub in school!

You can buy a Cambridge bag for a relatively pure dress!

I forgot which brand this is.

pyq has a Thai purchasing agent.

The bags under her are all under 500.

I don’t know if emmmmm is fidelity.

Anyway, it must be at least 1:1, and it also supports counter inspection.

3. A set of loungewear for couples. This is very down-to-earth! Anyway, I like this kind.

4. Necklace.

If you buy genuine products, recommend Swarovski.

If you buy 1:1, this…

Recommend buying Van Cleef

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