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What gifts to give for Christmas in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, Christmas is an important festival to celebrate. People exchange gifts with each other to express their blessings and joy. Here are some common gift choices during Christmas in Vietnam:

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1. Christmas card: Send a beautiful Christmas card with warm wishes and greetings written on it. It is a traditional Christmas gift.

2. Ornaments: Christmas decorations such as Christmas trees, Christmas flowers, etc. are popular gift choices. You can consider sending some beautiful decorations to add to the festive atmosphere.

3. Chocolates and candies: Give a box of exquisite chocolates or candies as a small gift, which can give friends and family a sweet surprise.

4. Vietnamese traditional gifts: Consider giving some gifts with Vietnamese traditional characteristics, such as traditional handicrafts, silk products, rattan weaving products, etc. These gifts are both local and can show the charm of Vietnamese culture.

5. Clothing and accessories: If you are familiar with the other party’s preferences and sizes, you can consider giving a beautiful dress or fashionable accessories to let the other party show their style during Christmas.

6. Daily necessities: Practical daily necessities are also a popular gift choice, such as kitchen utensils, thermos cups, home decorations, etc.

No matter what kind of gift you choose, it is important to choose with care and care, so that the recipient can feel your blessings and care. Remember to attach a thoughtful blessing card when giving gifts to make the gift more special.

What do Vietnamese people usually give as gifts?

Vietnamese people generally give gifts such as red envelopes or fruits. Because in Vietnamese culture, red represents auspiciousness and good luck, red gift envelopes and red gift boxes are very popular. At the same time, people will also give some fruits as gifts on traditional festivals or important occasions, because fruits symbolize blessings and health. It is worth noting that when giving gifts in Vietnam, it is not appropriate to send items with negative meanings such as clocks and scissors, nor should you send flowers, because flowers are usually used in Vietnamese culture for occasions such as mourning and funerals. In addition, Vietnamese people do not value the value and grade of gifts, but pay more attention to heart and care, so the value of gifts does not need to be too expensive.

What is the best gift for Vietnamese friends?

Merchandise products are the best. Because Vietnam has a rich cultural and historical background, it has a deep interest in culture and art. Therefore, sending merchandise products with the theme of Vietnamese traditional culture or their own country’s culture can allow Vietnamese friends to better understand their own culture, and it is also a high-quality gift. In addition, Vietnamese friends are also very interested in handicrafts. You can consider sending some handmade artworks or DIY handmade equipment, which can not only reflect your own intentions, but also increase the opportunities for interaction and communication. It is worth noting that according to Vietnamese etiquette habits, you should avoid sending clocks, knives and other similar products, because these symbols of time suggest the end, and others symbolize hardship are better avoided.

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