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What should I bring to my family when I return from Indonesia?

Indonesia has a unique culture and delicious food, so it is a good choice to bring some small gifts with local characteristics to my family when I return home. For example, gifts such as Indonesian handicrafts, traditional textiles, local specialty tea and coffee beans can represent Indonesian culture and cuisine, and can also make my family feel the heart of the journey.

anniversary gifts for parents to send from usa to india

In addition, seaside photos and travel diaries taken during beach vacations in Indonesia are also very meaningful souvenirs, which can bring unforgettable memories to my family.

What gifts should I give to Indian guests when they visit?

If you are giving gifts to Indian guests, these gifts might be good choices:

1. Spice Box: India is one of the most famous spice producers in the world. Giving a spice box can show your respect for Indian culture and let them try some different flavors.

2. Handicrafts: India has a rich culture of handicrafts, such as Indian printed fabrics, copper ware, carving, jewelry, etc. Giving a fine handicraft will show your taste and how much you pay attention to Indian culture.

3. Tea: Many Indians like to drink tea. Giving a gift box with high-quality tea leaves will be seen as a considerate and beautiful gift.

4. Indian traditional clothing: If you want to give a special gift, you can consider giving a traditional Indian clothing such as sari, kurta, etc. This will express your enthusiasm and respect, and also make them feel a sense of belonging in a foreign country.

In short, if you want to give gifts to Indian guests, it is a good choice to choose a unique and exquisite gift on the basis of respecting Indian culture.

What gift is better to bring back to China on a business trip in India?

Indian jewelry is very good, and there is no need for seasonings and the like, because the curry is so unpalatable that there is no need for a seasoning called MASALA. Why try burning incense and it is also very cheap. Sari It is best not to think that no one knows how to wear cigarettes. The local area is also classical and IK

How India celebrates Children’s Day

India has a rich variety of Children’s Day celebrations. Due to the diverse religious and cultural backgrounds in India, different regions and people will have different ways to celebrate Children’s Day. Overall, Children’s Day in India, like Children’s Day in other countries, aims to focus on and celebrate children’s rights and welfare. More specifically, Children’s Day in India is usually held on November 14 every year. This day is the birthday of India’s famous national hero Jawaharlal Nehru, who was once the Prime Minister of India and one of the active advocates of child welfare. On this day, schools and communities in India hold various celebrations such as games, competitions and performances, as well as food and gifts for children. In addition, Children’s Day in India also has some unique ways of celebrating. For example, in the eastern part of India, people tie ribbons around children’s wrists on Children’s Day to show blessings and prayers; in southern India, people make a traditional sweet treat called “Kathirikkai” (eggplant) on the eve of Children’s Day to dedicate to children and family members. Overall, Children’s Day is celebrated in a variety of ways, reflecting the diversity and inclusiveness of Indian society.

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