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wow nostalgic clothes hero city wall want the key?

The Hero Hellfire 3 dungeon (city walls, blood, broken) requires the prestige of Fort Glory (LM) Salma (BL) to respect, and then buy the key from the quartermaster to enter;

heroes of the storm send gift gems

The Hero Reservoir 3 (Dark Swamp, Slave Fence, Steam Cellar) is the prestige of the Senario Council Respect, buy the key from the quartermaster to enter

The Hero Orkington 3 (Setek, Shadow Labyrinth, Mana Mausoleum) is the prestige of the ghetto Respect, buy the key to enter

The Hero Storm 3 (Eco Ship, Anti-Magic Prison, Energy Ship) is the prestige of Shatas Respect, buy the key to enter

Hero Time Ben (Old Hillsbride, and 18 waves) is the prestige of time. You don’t need a prestige level to buy a key to enter the

Hero platform. After doing the task in advance, the reward is that you can enter the hero platform and a red gem, which is equivalent to rewarding you with a key…

All the other 10 people, including large dungeons with more than 10 people, don’t have any requirements now. You don’t need prestige and keys or anything. When the level is reached, you can go to

Mecha Storm 2 Where should you find the three gems?

The three gems in Mecha Storm 2 can be found in the following places: 1. The first gem: can be obtained in the main line mission of the game. After completing a specific task or challenge, the game will reward you with the first gem. 2. The second gem: can be obtained by exploring hidden locations in the game world or completing special missions. In some hidden areas or after completing some special missions, you may find the second ge To sum up, the three gems in Mecha Storm 2 can be earned by completing main quests, exploring hidden locations, defeating powerful boss enemies, or participating in specific activities. These gems can be obtained in a variety of ways, requiring players to constantly explore and challenge in the game.

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