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My colleague has a baby and wants to give two packs of diapers as gifts. Can you help recommend a brand?

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What gift to bring to visit the mother?

What gift to bring to visit the mother, as follows:

1. Baby clothes

When giving clothes, you must choose a more comfortable fabric, preferably Modal cotton, because Modal is not only skin-friendly and breathable, but also easy to absorb sweat, and the baby is more comfortable to wear. In addition, the style of clothes can be selected in a placket style, and it is also more convenient for the mother to change clothes for the baby.

2. Toys

When buying toys, you can choose some toys that are more suitable for newborn babies. For example, rattles, toys that can be hung on the crib, and smart toys that can tell stories.

3. Hats

When visiting the baby, you can also give the baby a hat. Because the baby’s body is relatively weak at birth, in order to avoid catching a cold and protecting the head, the mother will put a hat on the baby.

4. Diaper

After the baby is born, the most commonly used daily necessities should be diapers, because the baby’s body is not fully developed, it is easy to pee and poop, and a lot of diapers will be used in one day.

5. Supplements

Having a baby consumes a lot of energy on the mother’s body, so the mother who has given birth will generally be relatively weak. Therefore, when you go to see your best friend who is confinement, you can bring some supplements to her to help her better recover her physical strength and adjust her body to an optimal state. The choice of supplements is mainly to nourish blood and regulate complexion. Pay attention to choosing pure natural products as much as possible.

6. Fruit basket

This is what most people will buy, but it is also good for mothers and relatives who stay up late to take care of them. If you believe that you are the one who visits earlier, don’t hesitate. Buying fruit is the best.

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